April Fool’s Day

When I was a kid, I thought that April Fool’s Day was a big deal. Now it passes by almost unnoticed, apart from maybe a brief mention on the news, possibly with some reference to spaghetti trees. As a kid, I remember only a couple of pranks, and I use that word tentatively as they were so lame they mostly consisted of  ‘Oh my God, look out for that spider behind you!’  repeated to each family member until 12 o’clock (because as you know, if you play a prank after 12 then you’re the fool.)

So I guess it’s not suprising that one April 1st in the early Nineties, when I discovered that our family dog, Kojak, had a massive, swollen snout, I had a hard time getting mum to come and see.

“Oh my God mum! Something’s wrong with Kojak, you’d better come see.” I called

“Oh, I’m not falling for that.”

“No. Come look. His nose is all big.”

“He’s fine. I’m not coming.” my mum called back, at which point I’m sure she thought;  His nose is big?! Surely she could’ve come up with something better than that?

I did end up convincing her I was serious, and it turns out the poor dog had been stung by a bee. He was fine, but April Fool’s Day never seemed as funny after that.

By the way did I mention that you have a massive spider behind you?!!!

Oh shit. It’s after 12 o’clock.

Guess I am the fool after all.


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