Mayday Mayday Mayday! Blog in Crisis.

Well, I have not posted in a whole month, and exactly a month so I am definitely not on target with my writing goals, which is bugging me a little. But I have another goal that I am working on and it is currently to schedule, so yay for me with that. What is that goal I hear you, my audience of zero ask. I am learning to drive. A car. I have only had my Learners on and off for eleven years now, and as sadly, I hardly get to use it for ID anymore I thought that maybe I would suck it up, face my fear and learn to fricken drive already.

I am now up to 11 hours, which currently means 39 to go. I do have a deadline – 08-09-09 – after which date If I do not have my Provisional License, I will have to resit my L’s test and do 120 hours instead of 50. So yeah, well done to me for adding that pressure to my jangled nerves. But I have a plan, and if I stick to that plan of completing my set hours a week, I should have the scope for four attempts at the driving test before the deadline. And I’m thinking if I can’t get them in four, then maybe I’m not really ready to be on the road.

But I’m going OK so far. I am liking driving, despite hating roundabouts (and I live in a city with a lot of stupid roundabouts) and getting  a little freaked out when two lanes can turn at once at the same time. I am starting to be able to picture myself being able to drive here and there, and the freedom that this will provide for me. There was a time when I thought I would never be able to drive, I just could not comprehend being able to feel safe and in control behind the wheel. But I do, and I am actually starting to enjoy it. In fact I can’t wait until I get my license and I can ‘fly solo.’

So I am going to try harder to reach my writing goals and post more often on this blog, because I quite like both the blogging and the blog itself. It took me forever to set up those Widgets.

Oh and by the way, if you were wondering about the origin of ‘Mayday’ as a distress call (as I was), it actually has nothing to do with this merry merry month and actually is derived from the French ‘venez m’aider’ which means ‘Come help me’. Thank you Wikipedia.


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