My Beautiful Little W,

I can hardly believe that two years have passed since you came cone-headed and grumpy-faced into our lives and changed us forever. It seems just yesterday that I was gazing down at the most beautiful little thing I had ever seen, and feeling such pride, and such love.

You have grown and changed so rapidly my little man, you are a far cry from the little teeny tiny baby that I held in my arms.

Now you walk, you run, you hug me back when I cuddle you and you speak!

You have specific tastes and preferences, and you make these known. You have likes and dislikes and favourites.

And I marvel every day at this little person running around, amazed still that you came from your dad and I, and that you used to reside inside my belly!

I also wonder what the future will bring for you as I watch you already developing talents and interests.

You, my little man, are quite simply awesome.

You enjoy a great many things; trips to the ‘par’ (park), listening to ‘acallica’ (metallica, your dad is quite proud of this), cheese (quite often you will ask for ‘two cheese?’ and drawing (although you don’t always limit yourself to the paper I provide!)  You know your way around the ‘pod’ (iPod) deftly finding The Wiggles, dammit by blink 182, or flicking through photos – often stopping on one of me in labour- and declaring ‘Oh mummy no,’   You love kicking the ball around, and when throwing you have a deadly aim – most often at someone’s head!    You have discovered tickling and will even tickle yourself if your belly is exposed. Your laughter is the best sound ever.   You love puppies and ‘meows’ and matchbox cars and Thomas the tank engine.   You are still a book lover, and I absolutely love it when you want me to read a book to you, because you climb right onto my lap and snuggle in close. You are just starting to chime in with your favourite parts of the stories we read.

Every night your dad and I read you a story, go over the day we just had and sing you a song or two before you fall asleep. Song number 1 is Evermore’s Never Let You Go (a song I played over and over while you were still in utero) and song number 2 is John Lennon’s Beautiful Boy.

I have sang these songs as one of the ways to help you settle ever since you were born. I know them by heart and they are now your songs. Beautiful as it is though, as I sing John Lennon’s lullaby to you my sweet boy, I just can’t agree with the line ‘I can hardly wait to see you come of age.’  Because, although I do agree that it will be so exciting to see the wonderful man you are to become,  it seems to me that you are already growing too fast.  I wouldn’t mind if life took its time for a while, because watching you grow is amazing, and childhood is so fleeting, and I don’t want to wish it away any faster.

And as you drift off to sleep and your daddy and I pull up the covers and quietly leave your room, you look so peaceful and so beautiful, and I get the same feeling as I did when you were first born. Such pride and such love.


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