This blog is not getting the attention I would like to give it at the moment. Generally, here’s where I give up and delete it all. But I’m not going to do that this time. I’m simply going to write a little post here about the fact that my blogging frequency will increase soon.

Right now, what’s going on with me is that my driving test is looming. And I am kind of freaking out. Majorly. I am squeezing in some practice and trying not to let myself think about the actual test, and hoping hoping hoping that I pass. Because not only will I then be able to drive – yay!- but I will be able to stop thinking about the damn test. Because it will be over.

But, I will keep you posted either way.

And once it’s done, I’ll have more of myself available to devote to writing here.

And so that’s why, despite the absolutely sporadic and clunky nature of this blog so far, I am not shutting it down.

Wish me luck!


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