Little Big Day Out

Yesterday Little W and I headed to the ‘Little Big Day Out’ which is a free event put on by our local council. At first Little W was not happy as he was under the impression that we were heading to the neighbouring park to play on the play equipment.

He soon changed his tune when he realised he was surrounded by balloons, bubbles and various fun activities.  He loved the big tractors, spent a while decorating his own showbag, got a balloon that didn’t last long. He was adamant that he wanted a turn on the junping castle, but soon changed his mind once we were right in front of it.  But by far his favourite part of the day was the ‘Leaf Lolly Scrimmage’.

The idea of the ‘scrimmage’ was to find lollies hidden in the leaves. Little W, however, couldn’t have cared less about the lollies. He was just having fun jumping around and throwing leaves everywhere. I think he would’ve stayed there all day if he could’ve.

It was a good morning; the weather was beautiful, Little W had lots of fun, and best of all it was free.  We’ll definitely be going back next year.

Maybe by then Little W will have worked up the courage to actually climb onto the jumping castle.


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