The BEST New Year’s Eve I’ve ever had.

So I have decided that as one of my New year’s Resolutions that I am going to blog more, and specifically, I’m going to start that off by participating in and actually completing NaBloPoMo for January, which has the theme of ‘Best’. Now I am starting a day early, granted, but I was just thinking today about how completely overrated New Year’s Eve tends to be, and trying to think back on one that I really had a great time. And all of a sudden I was there.

NYE 2003. I was young, I was newly-in-love (with emphasis on the fact that I am still in love, Joe, but at this point we had only been together two months or so) and I completely embraced the whole NewYear’s excitement.  I was introduced to my new beau’s friends and had a few drinks at one of those friend’s nan’s house. Just sitting around relaxing, drinking, laughing. I was wearing a really pretty white dress with a pink ribbon sash – it was very cute and it fit me perfectly. I felt pretty. I felt confident. I was going out with Joe and I felt at ease.

Despite a limited choice of venues to go out to, we chose and we were just happy to be anywhere together. The drinking continued, the dancing started and I actually got Joe up on the dancefloor with me, in fact we got on the stage together too! And we danced to Hey Ya! and it will forever remind me of being so happy-in-love.

And at midnight as the local DJ counted down to midnight we counted along too, and kissed right on 12 amidst a flurry of streamers and party- blowers, as the crowd cheered and a crappy version of ‘auld lang syne’ played in the background (is there a non-crappy version?).

And in that exact moment I felt that everything was as it should be.

And you know what? I’m kinda getting that vibe this year too.

Have a great night, I’m off to add Hey Ya! to my playlist.


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