A Guide for the Advanced Soul

One of the best gifts I have been given was the book  ‘A Guide for the Advanced Soul’ by Susan Hayward. It was a gift from my mum when I left home to go to Uni, and it has been with me everywhere since, often serving as a point of focus when I am flipping out or feeling scattered. The premise is if you ‘Hold a problem in your mind, open this book to any page and there will be your answer.’  It contains inspirational quotes from a variety of sources, and is now littered with odd bookmarks – clothing tags, business cards, an envelope curiously marked ‘incidentals’ – and here and there quotes that I have found elsewhere that really spoke to me. I can still pick it up now and find a quote which I haven’t stumbled across before. Here’s what I got today; I really like it.

Just look next time you are having some trip and riding a problem – just watch. Just stand aside and look at the problem. Is it really there? Or have you created it?

Look deeply into it, and you will suddenly see it is not increasing, it is decreasing; it is becoming smaller and smaller.

The more you put your energy into observation, the smaller it becomes. And a moment comes when suddenly it is not there… you will have a good laugh.


Happy New Year!


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