My Best 5 Movies of 2009

#5 Star Trek

Copyright Paramount Pictures

I am not by any stretch a ‘Trekkie’. I had never seen any Star Trek movie or TV series before I watched this one. I only really knew that Spock was half-human, half-vulcan because of The Office (UK). Star Trek has never appealed to me in any way. And it’s not that I can’t be geeky in a sci-fi sort of way; I’ve just always been more of a ‘May the Force be with You’ than a ‘Live long and Prosper’ kind of girl. Maybe it was just a side-effect of my current Battlestar Galactica obsession, but I really liked this movie.

#4 Coraline

Copyright Universal Pictures

While I didn’t get the pleasure of viewing this at the cinema in all its 3-D glory, I was given a copy on blu-ray as a very thoughtful gift, and it came with 3-D glasses. The results are visually stunning, and a great creepy story raises this animated gem above your average kids movie.

#3 District 9

Copyright TriStar Pictures

Having had the pleasure of only seeing this recently, it is still fresh in my mind how fantastic this movie is.  It’s a great concept that was extemely well executed and if you haven’t seen it you should. So I won’t say any more so as to avoid spoilers, except to add that Sharlto Copley is absolutely outstanding.

#2 Let the Right One In

Copyright EFTI

Fuck Twilight. In fact, forget about any vampire movie you have ever seen; this is the creepiest, and the best.  It may be considered almost a cheat added this Swedish masterpiece to my list, as it was released in 2008, but  considering  it only became available for hire here this year, I am adding it anyway. And in a year where everyone seems to be associating vampires with sparkly, sullen high school students with constantly pained expressions or fake-blood imbibing southern gentlemen, I think this movie needs to be highlighted.

#1 Inglourious Basterds

Copyright Universal Pictures

I make no secret of being a massive QT fan, so it should be no surprise seeing Basterds top my list. When I saw it I declared it the best movie I had seen all year, and that statement remained true for the months that followed and until the end of 09. In a movie with so many great scenes its impossible to pick a favourite, with such fantastic performances from all cast members, especially Christopher Waltz; so brilliant you may find yourself thinking ‘Brad who?’, culminating in a film as memorable as any of the director’s previous work,  yes, this may very well be Tarantino’s masterpiece.

Notable omissions : I just saw UP, which was a really great film, but misses out because I saw it this year. Other films which came out last year and I am waiting for DVD release, but  I suspect (hope) they may have had a shot at the list; 500 Days of Summer and Moon.


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