I’ve been keeping a secret…

Photo credit : Damon Hart-Davis

… and at the moment its about the size of a sweet potato.

Apparently. Although sweet potatoes do tend to vary quite a bit in size so I fail to see how they are a great comparison. And why are we comparing our unborn babies to food all the time anyway?  At first its ‘about the size of a grain of rice’ and at an early ultrasound, our OB said it was the size of a peanut.  Then it was lime, lemon, avocado and now at 17 weeks, its a sweet potato.

So yeah. I am pregnant.

17 weeks and 6 days into it, in fact. But who’s counting? Oh right me. Straight out I’m going to say that I know that I am incredibly fortunate to be pregnant and I already love and care for the little being inside me.

But being pregnant is not my favourite state of being.  I do not glow. I do not shine. I do not radiate. There are a lot of things about pregnancy that do not make me happy at all.

But of course, as they say, the end result is more than worth it.

And there is one part of pregnancy that I must say, I really quite like.

It’s when I can start to feel the baby move.

I have been feeling the ‘flutters’ a bit lately, so soon I should be experiencing some kicking.

It is an incredible feeling and one that always gets me to focus and remember.

‘Hey mum, I’m in here now, but it won’t be long until I’m out there with you.’

And then it’ll be a whole new ball-game. A fun, scary, exhausting, exciting, crazy ball-game.

Can’t wait to play.

Only 147 days to go.


2 responses to “I’ve been keeping a secret…

  1. Oh My Congratulations! You must be so excited! When do you know the gender? Oh I wish you the best!!!

    • Thanks =) Generally you can find out the gender at the 20w scan (which is next week for me) but we haven’t decided whether or not to find out yet.

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