37 weeks of pregnancy in one post

I’m not sure why I haven’t posted more during this pregnancy. Perhaps I have felt that the more I wrote, the slower it would go. Completely illogical, of course, but hey, that’s me. Now I find myself looking down the barrel of ten days to go, and I’m actually in no hurry for the pregnancy to end. I am looking forward to meeting this baby, this ever so squirmy, by all accounts chubby little one. But its quite likely that this will be my last pregnancy, so I was planning on enjoying the last few days; the kicks and wriggles, the hiccups, my massive “egg” belly. But now I have a frickin’ cold. And little W is coughing. And coughing. So much for enjoying the last few days.  But in between bouts of paranoia as to whether or not I will go into spontaneous labour while I feel like absolute crap and wondering whether either Little W or I will develop something more sinister from our little colds (having had experience of this only a few weeks ago),  I will try and catch up on what’s been happening, in my world and in my womb.

First Trimester –  Got morning sickness. Worse than pregnancy 1. Felt disgusting. Not long after finding out I was pregnant, I lost my Grandfather, which still doesn’t seem real sometimes.  I continued to be sick.  I had my first ultrasound which showed I was not as far along as first suspected, in effect lengthening my pregnancy. I discovered since (or more likely while) having little W I developed a relatively rare antibody in my blood that would need monitoring throughout pregnancy as it can have dire consequences for the baby. (Seeing as my levels never changed during the pregnancy I can only assume that the baby has a blood type compatible with mine.)

Second Trimester – Feeling a bit better, less tired, not as sick. All looks good at morph scan. Found out the sex. Had a long wet foul winter. Keep telling myself things will get better in the spring.

Third trimester. Have routine pregnancy glucose testing, have to go back for second test. Told results very close to too high. Restrict diet even more than I already have. Get a sore throat, blocked ears, cough, go to GP. He brushes it off. Next week I am hospitalized with severe bronchitis. Recover with paranoia that it will come back every time I have a slight blocked nose. Have fantastic scans and see this bub in utero in many different ways than we got the chance to see little W. Beautiful moments. Feel fantastic, do some nesting, cold comes back just as telling everyone how great I feel. Feel crap and just hoping that both little W and I get better before the big day.

I am booked in for a c-section on the 19th.

See you then, Starbuck.  x x x


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