Dearest Little W,

Your sister woke you up this morning by being noisy, she could wait to see her ‘buh’. I wished you a Happy Birthday, and you sleepily asked me “Am I four now mummy?”

Yes bubba. You are four.

And I can hardly believe it.

Another year has passed, an action-packed year full of big stuff and you, my beautiful boy, are four years old.

You have learned many, many things in this past year. You have had to learn to share your daddy and I with someone new. And you understood right away. She is your sister, your ‘princess Julia girl,’ and together we, as you like to say, are family.

We moved to ‘the new house’ which is another big change you accepted happily. Here you have lots more space and an actual backyard to play in, which makes for a very happy boy.

You do love to play outside, whether it is racing us to the fence, playing catch with daddy, or simply playing in the dirt. Having room for an actual easter egg hunt this year was fun. Your enjoyment as you found those tiny foil-wrapped eggs was worth the stress of moving alone.

You also love to play indoors, particularly video games, and get very excited to choose what you will play at ‘tenclocktenoclocktenoclock’ which is your alloted gaming time. Seriously, if it were up to you you’d probably play it all day! You recently finished a game – The Super Hero Squad – with a little help here and there, but I’d still say that’s pretty impressive for an almost-four year old.

Your imagination leads to some great games, you love being shopkeeper, a pirate, a cat, a ‘fixer-man’, or any of a number of super-heroes to name just a few of your many guises. Sometimes we talk to each other as robot-mummy and robot-wilbur. Sometimes we talk to each other through song. You like to make up your own songs and sing them in your sweet, sweet voice. And your dancing, well that’s something else.

And books. You love books. You get hooked on a book and we read it night after night. Like an illustrated abridged/adapted Treasure Island which was a hand-me-down from your cousin. And then readapted by me, you being interested not in the story but in what each character says on every page, until you memorised my version. And then asked me to act it out for you. Without sound. Yes. I mimed Treasure Island for you. And thoroughly enjoyed the fits of laughter I was rewarded with. That laugh is still magical, sweetheart. Best.Sound.Ever.

You are a little more adventurous with food now, although we still can’t get you to have a sandwich containing anything other than vegemite. And god forbid the cheese should touch the meat if you’re having spaghetti bolognese. But you have thankfully stopped refusing your vegies. It is true that children will eventually eat their vegetable if you persist in offering them, I mean it only took me 3 and a half years of offering for you to take a bite of broccoli and realise that you do, in fact, like it. Now its your favourite and you complain if it’s not on your plate.

So yes, you are clever, you are talented and you are downright hilarious, but best of all, you are such a lovely boy, really. You are polite, and kind, and you often tell me how beautiful I am. You also tell us how much you love us. All the time. We love you too baby. You’re awesome.

You’re a big boy now Wilbur. You take such pride in all you achieve, “Look mummy, look daddy, look what I’ve done!”  and I want you to always be proud of yourself.

Because we are SO proud of you.

Thankyou for being so wonderful sweetheart.

Love from your Mummy.



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