Adventures In Manifesting

So it is the last day of July and I am feeling pretty good. For the most part this Happylan is actually happy.

There have not been dramatic changes in my circumstances, in some cases they are or have been less than ideal; Joe deserves a better job, a broken heater through a cold snap, being home all day with two children is not without challenges.

The changes have been in me.

I am consciously choosing to see things differently, to react differently, to think differently.

And it’s fantastic.

The catalyst for these changes came to me unexpectedly. I’d been a bit ‘all over the shop’ really after the birth of my daughter and our sudden change of residence. I couldn’t focus. I was up one minute and oh so down the next. Then, via twitter, came an invitation from Sarah Prout to join an online course titled Adventures in Manifesting.

So I clicked. And I joined. And I’m so glad I did.

The concepts and information presented in the course were not foreign to me, but I believe it is the way the course is written which makes it so accessible and the way the course is structured which makes putting the concepts into action so achievable. The course is written by Sarah with her partner Sean Patrick Simpson. (On a side note the videos these guys do together for the course are hilarious. They are so in love. It’s so sweet to watch.) It is written clearly and is easily digestible but in no way is it condescending or too basic. It is written from a place of understanding and experience, and it is written from the heart.

It’s structure is genius. By sending out one part of the course each week, I avoided the trap I probably would’ve fallen into had it been given all at once; that is reading all the material as quickly as possible, still enjoying the information but not acting on any of it. Instead I was able to focus on one part of the course at a time, slowly building a steady set of habits that have helped me to cope better, to smile more and ultimately to feel good.

As an added bonus, joining the Adventures In Manifesting course gives you access to the Adventures in Manifesting Community. Here you can interact with others going through the course, receiving support and supporting fellow members. It is a chance to connect with inspiring people all around the globe and I have certainly met some brilliant people this way. Sarah and Sean themselves are also active members of the community, which is an amazing support.

The course also has links to suggested further reading which I found invaluable.

Overall, I can completely recommend this course and am ever grateful to its creators Sarah and Sean.

As I sit here and type this, the rest of my gorgeous family is sleeping.

And notice I’m smiling to myself.  I’m inspired. I’m excited for the future, I’m bursting with gratitude.

And yes, I am happy.


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