‘Catch-22’ Update

So I started reading Joseph Heller’s ‘Catch-22’ again and have completely surprised myself by not being able to get into it.

I have read a few chapters and can definitely see why I loved it so when I first read it. It is written so well, and I would say it was probably the most differently written book I had read up to that point in my life.  So I can clearly see how it would have stood out to me at the time.

It is very clever. Oh how I loved clever in my teenage years. And cynical too. I can feel my lips curl up as I read it, in a sort of smug smile.

It is a great book. I especially enjoyed reading about Yossarian’s exploits in the hospital, the whole explanation of Catch-22, and the origins of Major Major Major Major. I would gladly recommend it to lovers of language looking for something well-written and different.

But you know what?

I can no longer give it the title of ‘My favourite book of all time.’

I do not compelled to read it all the way through again, and, given my reading time is limited, I am not going to.

So, yes I think my age definitely influenced my perception of ‘Catch-22’.

Now to find a new favourite!

Any suggestions?


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