Little ‘Wishes’ for Little W.

I am absolutely loving the amount of talent out there on the world wide web, from finding some beautifully written words on blogs, to some wonderful photography, and of course the amazing handmade/artistic feasts that are madeit and etsy.

Recently while browsing some of these lovely blogs I came across 74 Lime Lane, which manages to bring together all three; it’s well-written, has beautiful photography, and some of her work is available to buy.

I clicked through to her madeit shop and could have easily filled my cart with her gorgeous photography, but I restrained myself and bought just the one item; this wishes on the wind set.

Little W. only said to me last week “I love dandelions.’ But alas, our backyard seems to be having a dandelion shortage at the moment. So when I saw this gorgeous little trio of photos, I knew I had to get it for him.

The package arrived today, beautifully presented, with a bonus Dr Seuss quote print to boot, and Little W. was suitably impressed ~ as was I.

Being in a rental, I have to get creative about where I ‘hang’ such pictures, and as I wanted these on display straight away I have stuck them on Little W’s bedhead.

I am not sure if this will be their permanent home, but I like the idea of him having a dandelion to wish on before he goes to sleep.

This is the 'Wishes on the Wind' print set I bought from 74 Lime Lane. Please note the glare is due to my lack of photography skills, check out 74 Lime Lane to see exactly how the prints look.

Sweet dreams, my Little W.


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