Thirty Until Thirty ~ Pieces of Me

There are thirty days until my thirtieth birthday.

I can hardly believe I’m about to hit the big 3 -0.

What I had wanted to do, originally, was make a bucket-list type goal with things to do before 30, starting on my 29th birthday. But on my 29th birthday, I was four days away from giving birth to my daughter and was making a list of people to call with the news instead.

And then I had a newborn and then we moved house, and then… you get the picture.

Also, half the stuff I was planning to put on the list was just not possible while breastfeeding (which I still am doing) – the tattoo I want to get for example, and one of my other main things to try was I was going to go blonde. But with post-birth hair loss, and my now half-grown back bits (I call it Kramer hair) now is not the time to frack with my locks.

So instead, as I am enjoying this blogging thing but not yet into the swing of regular posting, in the lead-up to my birthday I am going to share 30 true things about myself you may not know.  Big, small, serious, funny  – just a random selection of pieces of me.

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Thirty until Thirty –

True thing# 1 This is not how I expected my life to look at 30

If ten years ago someone had handed me a crystal ball and said “this is where you’ll be at in ten years time,” I wouldn’t have believed them for a second.

Firstly, married. At the time my parents marriage of forty years was fading before my eyes, and I wasn’t sure if I still believed in the concept at all, but I had decided that I would not get married until I was at least 30.  Little did I know that in less than two years I would meet my Joe, and that within three months of meeting him I knew that marriage was on the cards for me. I ended up walking down the aisle at the age of 24.

Secondly, having kids. Kids were also not on my original agenda until after the age of 30, if at all. Again, it was within months of meeting Joe that I knew I wanted to have his babies. Ten years ago I worried that I wasn’t very maternal. That changed when I fell pregnant with my first at the age of 25. I surprised myself and a lot of my family members by really loving this mummy gig.

And thirdly, the main reason I would not have believed the future vision of me ten years ago, is the fact that I am happy. At 20, I was struggling with (as yet undiagnosed) depression, so my outlook at the time was pretty bleak – happiness was just not on my radar.

So here I am, about to turn 30, and living a life far removed from the one I had envisioned.

Which is a good thing.

A very good thing.


8 responses to “Thirty Until Thirty ~ Pieces of Me

  1. That’s really really lovely. Really nice to read a post like this. I’m really happy for you that you love motherhood, your marriage and life generally. It’s a beautiful life and a beautiful world we’re in.

  2. Good for you! 30 is a milestone – I had a bit of a freak out at 30… Not fun. But I got myself fit and healthy and did some nice things. Now 5 years down the track, I am much happier than I was even then. Life gets better and better. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. 30 is a great age I think. I found I never really settled until my 30’s, kids, a husband, a house and life tend to do that. Now I am very close to 40 but in a strange way I am not dreading it as much as I was turning 30.

    Enjoy your next 30 days of being 29…….it is great to hear depression is no longer on your doorstep 🙂

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