Thirty until Thirty ~ True thing #2 This is not my first blog

I started reading blogs back in 2006. And I starting writing one not long after. I cannot remember the title of the first, I wrote about 3 posts, and then decided blogging wasn’t for me. Although I kept reading a few. When I became pregnant I started writing a blog to Little W in the womb.  I had good intentions and a few good posts, but once I gave birth I was not organised enough to keep up the writing. When I realised my mind was overflowing with junk and I had to start writing something to get some of it out of my head, I decided to give  blogging another go, and I started The Very Same. I blogged regularly for a while, only to drop off again while pregnant,  and I only now feel like I’m hitting my stride.

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What’s different this time? I’m not sure. I am finding my rhythm when it comes to the two kids, I am loving having this little outlet, and I am also connecting with other bloggers this time, leaving comments and receiving some too, joining in on some linkies here and there, and joining up to the digital parents community. This is actually quite big for me, as I can be quite shy (yes, even on the internet) and to just dive right in to anything remotely social is hard for me.

So firstly, thanks if you are reading this. It is nice to check my stats and see that I have had some visitors. Secondly, if you have ever left me a comment thanks heaps – please know that you have absolutely made my day that much brighter.

The blogging world has grown and evolved in a number of ways since my first tiny attempts to become a part of it.

But so have I.

And this time, I think I’ll hang around for a while. I kinda like it here.


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