Thirty until Thirty – True thing # 3 I currently have ‘Kramer’ hair.

Image from this cool article about Great TV Character Names – Ah, Cosmo…

My hair is naturally curly. When it sits well I love being a curly girl. But, luscious lovely curls can not be guaranteed on any given day, so I love my straightener, when I have the time to use it.

I am one of this lucky ladies whose hair falls out after childbirth. And it all falls form the front, so for a while there I had a receding hairline. And then it started to grow back.

Now I have these funny, tufty, curly bits around my hairline. If I straighten my hair, I still get some “sticky-outy” bits, but it is not too bad. But if I’m not going anywhere, I usually just chuck my hair back in a pony or messy bun.  Then I am left with curly “sticky-outy” bits all around my face. These bits are of varying lengths and curliness and sticks up at differing angles. Hence the ‘Kramer effect.’

I’ve tried taming it with product to no avail. I had a brief dalliance with headbands but my daughter seems to enjoy the challenge of removing them from my head, releasing the unruly tufts once again.

A small price to pay for having my gorgeous daughter in my life, I know, but I do look forward to the day when I can look in the mirror without thinking ‘These pretzels are making me thirsty.’


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