Thirty until Thirty ~ True Thing # 4 I loathe gardening

This was not the true thing I had intended to blog about tonight, but as I actually spent a little time in the garden today, it is on my mind. And when I say a little time I mean as little as possible.

I do not have green thumbs. Do not buy me pot-plants. I underwater, I overwater, I leave them too long in the sun or too long in the shade. I forget about them entirely. They die.

My lovely sister bought me a gorgeous pink kangaroo paw as a housewarming gift. Low maintenance. Hardy. Not Happylan-proof though I’m afraid. I put it by the front door. Whenever I left the house I thought ‘I must give that plant some water.’ Whenever I entered the house I thought ‘I must give that plants some water.’ But then forgot almost immediately. The plant did not make it. It is a lovely pot though. A lovely empty pot.

I do have plans to use the pot for some cooking herbs, as I figure if the plant is somehow connected to me eating something delicious, it may have a better chance at survival. But to get these herbs in order to grow in the lovely pot it means a hopping expedition to some kind of  nursery, or more likely, a huge hardware store with a gardening section. And I must say the idea of frequenting said hardware store is as about as appealing to me as sticking my hand in a jar full of spiders.

The idea of either just makes me feel icky.

So, our poor garden, it does not get much love.

It was getting a little out of control however and so today we had to do some weeding.

And by a little out of control I mean that some of the weeds we pulled out were taller than our four year old. They just sprang up overnight! This whole garden is blooming for spring and while there are some lovely flowers (especially the irises), the whole garden maintenance thing has me fondly remembering our tiny garden at the flat and its nice neat no-mess no-fuss spiky cordylines.

Yes, it does feel better now that we’ve cleaned it up a little, but it has really brought to light my lack of skills and interest in the gardening arena, and ensures that ‘ultra low maintenance gardens’ are part of the checklist for when we buy our own home.

Either that or we just have to get crazy rich so we can hire a gardener. Or ten.

Gorgeous ‘Downton Abbey’ gardens image from here


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