Thirty until thirty – true thing # 6 I currently have no pets

I grew up with an assortment of cats and dogs as pets.

My first cat ‘Foxy’ had the privilege of being pushed around in my doll’s stroller. I don’t have a huge recollection of Foxy, but apparently she ran away. I can’t imagine why.

We had blue heeler dogs, Lady – who passed away trying to birth her first litter of puppies, Jessie – who was wild and had to be given away, and Kojak, who still lived with my dad until his passing of old age a couple of years ago.

And we had a parade of cats (I swear I didn’t put them all in the stroller), from Mr Puss (who turned out to be Mrs Puss – and who happened to be the mother of most of our subsequent cats) to Tiger, Terminator (can you guess my brother named him?) and Sweetie. They were all your average moggie. And then I got Phoebe, a tonkinese kitten who I got when I was in high school and who was the first family pet who was truly mine – she slept on my bed and greeted me when I got home from school. Sadly, she had a run in with a snake. The snake won. After Phoebe came De Niro – a burmese this time. When I was away at Uni, poor De Niro was hit by a car. I have not had a pet since.

Joe had a dog, a little Jack Russell named Rex. He unfortunately met a similar fate to De Niro. We both wanted a pet for a very long time, but were unable to have one in the flat. We wonder if we are able to have one here at the house; whether the Landlord will allow it. I think I haven’t asked yet because I am afraid he’ll say no. Whereas at the moment, a pet is still a possibility.

And then there is the question of what to get.

We have decided on a dog, as while I am happy with both dogs and cats, Joe is definitely a dog person. And we think at four years old Little W will benefit from a furry play companion. We also need to consider what is suitable for Lula, at 1, size-wise. Friendly and gentle temperament goes without saying.

So  – landlord permission pending –   we are thinking Beagle.

What do you think?

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