Thirty until Thirty – True thing #7 I am a little bit “raffle-lucky”

Running a raffle? Image from here

You know I consider myself very lucky because of my beautiful family, but I also have a touch of the “raffle-lucky” about me. What I mean by that is I have won the odd raffle in my time. Nothing major – wine and christmas cake here, meat-tray there kind of thing.

The most recent example of this is won a cool hallmark ‘recordable’ book in a giveaway hosted by glowless at Where’s My Glow?

I do remember the first time I won a raffle. There was a box of choccies – A Cadbury Milk Tray to be exact, do they still do those? – up for grabs as first prize in an easter raffle in primary school, as well as about 25 runner up prizes of medium easter eggs. I decided to use my ‘tuckshop’ money to purchase two tickets.

They drew the prizes at assembly. Not only did I win one of the runner-up eggs, I also won the main prize. I remember the buzz of winning exactly, and I remember those chocolates tasting all the more sweet because my little brother was annoyed as he’d spent his tuckshop cash on redskins and milkos, and I had bought raffle tickets and ended up with a whole box of chocolates. I was feeling pretty smug about it too until mum made me share them. With everyone. Rude.

Now if only I could figure out how to channel this “raffle-luck” into something a little bigger – a car, one of those RSL houses or the lotto would do nicely. I’d happily forego a few redskins and milkos again for one of those prizes.


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