Thirty until Thirty – True Thing # 9 – I wish I had had a chance to know my paternal grandmother

Today would have been my Nanna’s birthday.

She died when I was 4.

I have a very vague recollection of her, I see her reaching into the cupboard at my grandparents house to get the jar of lollies down for me.

I remember a warm feeling when I think about her, I know that she adored me.

I would have loved to get to an age where I could have a conversation with her.

I loved it when my Pa would talk about her, building a picture in my mind of the person she was. But he is gone now too.

My dad tells me a few things here and there, but he still gets quite emotional when he remembers his mum, and his stories are few and far between.

Maybe I should ask him to tell me more.

I know I’m very lucky to have been close to my grandfather, but I do wonder what it would have been like to get to know my Nanna.

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