Thirty Until Thirty – True thing # 11 – I have every issue of EMPIRE

As a certified movie nut who does not get the time to see all the movies I’d like to, I have to find other ways to feed my film-addiction.

Enter Empire magazine.

I first came across this awesome magazine when I was at Uni. In fact it was on the way back from seeing a movie that I spied this new mag sitting on the shelf in the department store my friend and I were browsing. It was the 3rd issue, Nicole Kidman was on the cover, and in the ‘hardware’ section they review a widescreen TV, a VCR and a new-fangled DVD player.

It had an article on 101 Unforgettable Movie Moments. I glanced over the list  and  I saw The Usual Suspects listed among them with the following; “Screw Keyser Soze. If Kobayashi is a coffee mug, who’s that driving the Jag?“. That was the moment I became hooked, and I decided that I would be spending a few dollars out of my meagre (beer) budget every month for this fine publication from that day forth.

And that remained the case, apart from the issue that had Planet of the Apes on the cover, not sure what happened – I must’ve really needed those extra beers that month.

Thanks to Empire, I’ve have been steered in the direction of such great films as Amores Perros, Donnie Darko and Pan’s Labyrinth.

I can look at my collection and be reminded of what was going on at that point in my life – for example when Joe came over for our first date, Uma as the Bride was gracing the Empire sitting on my coffee table. Joe was impressed by my good taste, and being the sweetheart that he is, has bought me home the latest Empire each month.

So my Empire collection grew and grew and was almost a complete set. I was missing issue 1 and 2, and as I mentioned before, issue 6. Imagine my delight in 2008 on discovering a stack of Empires being sold off at a library sale for a buck a piece. I quickly snapped up issue 1 and issue 6, but sadly, despite scrounging and scrounging for that illusive issue 2, seeking the face of Hannibal Lector in several different stacks, I could not find it.

I had the complete set of Empire magazines, minus one.

Then this year I noticed a seller on ebay selling a few Empire Magazines. Although I could not see the cover of issue 2 on his picture, I noticed he did have 1 and 3, so I decided to drop him a line. He looked through his collection, found issue 2 and sold it to me!  My collection, 10 years in the making, is now complete.

I display them in our hallway, fiercely guarded by Jules and Vincent.

And with Joe bringing me home the latest issue, you must excuse me.

I have a magazine to go and read.


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