Thirty until Thirty – True things – interrupted.

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Well, my 30th birthday is nearly here and I have not yet gotten halfway through my 30 true things. The pieces of me I promised are bouncing around in my head ready to be written but finding the time is the thing. After so many posts around the blogosphere about finding your blogging balance, I should have it sorted by now, but I don’t. But I stand by what I wanted to achieve; 30 random little pieces of me so that you can get more of an idea of who I am, on some level.

The funny thing is, the post I am most happy with is the one that got in the way and demanded to be written, that interrupted my thirty things, is this one  about my son. So while I am trying to show you that I am more than a mum (and myself too, really – I’m trying to remind myself), it is the post about motherhood I am most proud of.

And maybe that is how it is supposed to be, I like to write, I need to write, and that is why I am giving myself this blogging space.

But the best stuff, it isn’t planned, it isn’t scheduled, it isn’t centred around a certain occasion.

It just happens.

I think though, I need to keep writing, I need to keep the words flowing, sometimes about random and inconsequential things like my Empire collection and my Poetry-love.

By continuing to purge my brain of the overflow, every now and then I hit on something important.

Sometimes I will share it on here.

Sometimes I won’t.

But I enjoy the writing.

And as long as I enjoy the writing I will continue to blog.

Just not every day.


2 responses to “Thirty until Thirty – True things – interrupted.

  1. I have a confession. I am a yo-yo blogger too. I try to make the commitment, but as you said, the best posts are the ones that come out themselves.

    I’ve save you in my favourite list and will be happy to surprised when a new post pops up 🙂

    • A ‘yo-yo blogger’, of course, perfect terminology. Thanks for saving me to your favourites 🙂

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