One for her

My sweet princess Lula,

Yes, I am a little late in writing this, but we have just spent three lovely weeks during which your dad has been home with us, and during which I took a little unscheduled break from writing.

But I could not return to this space where I write about my life and not write a post for you my little chicken-pot-pie.

One year old.


I would wager that it has been the fastest 12 months of my life.

It feels as though one minute I was gazing at your tiny little face as I held you for the first time, the next you are walking around, flashing me your cheeky grin as you go on your way to finding some mischief.

But it wasn’t just one minute, it was one whole year.

And although it flew by, a lot happened in that short space of time.

You grew, and changed. I changed.

You slept. You didn’t sleep. I didn’t sleep.

You cried.

You smiled.

You started smiling early, earlier than I knew possible for babies, but the paediatrician confirmed that they were in fact real smiles.  It seems like you haven’t stopped smiling.  I like to think you smile so much because you are happy here, in our little family, a family which feels complete with you as a part of it. Thank you so much for coming into our lives and making the four of us, the four of us.

You bring so much joy to your dad and I, and you are absolutely adored by your favourite person in the whole world – your big brother Wilbur. Seeing how much you two love each other makes my heart melt on a daily basis.

You are my little explorer. You are into everything and always on the go. Sweetheart, you are exhausting (in the best possible way.)I look forward to continuing to explore with you, there are so many exciting things ahead. It’s all a big adventure and I know you love that.

Thank you for reminding me to love that too.

Keep smiling gorgeous,

love mum-mum.


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