Thankful that my children have not grown up yet

Detail from Klimt - The Three Ages of Woman

Image via pinterest


I haven’t had a brilliant day.

Today two women that I am very close to have both been struggling knowing that their adult daughters (also lovely women that I love very much) are hurting. In both cases they live very far away from their daughters and although they wouldn’t be able to do much practically for them if they were closer, it must be awfully hard to know that their child is in pain and be unable to see them and give them a hug.

I know I wish I had the ways and means to just go see them, be there for them.

But it must be so much harder for their mothers.

So tonight I am thankful that my children are little.

That whatever small hurts or worries they endured today I was able to soothe with a hug, and in Lula’s case a breastfeed.

I know that it won’t be forever.

I know they will grow up and go out into the world, with all its pain and heartbreak and challenges.

But just for tonight I am thankful they are here.

I will think of the two lovely ladies out there who are in pain.

And I will think of their mums who would give anything to be able to fix things for their daughters.

And before I go to sleep tonight I will kiss the tiny foreheads of my two children and know they are sleeping safe and sound and close to me.

And for that I truly am thankful.

Today I’m linking up with Kate Says Stuff  for Thankful Thursday.


8 responses to “Thankful that my children have not grown up yet

  1. Sorry to hear of your friend’s daughters’ pain 😦 In so many ways it is much simpler parenting babies who can be comforted by a boob or a cuddle. I hope things are better for them soon.

    Just wanted to say that painting is one of my favorites 🙂

    • Thanks Jayne. I hope things improve for them too.

      And yes, a beautiful painting. I’ve always loved ‘The Kiss’ and came across this one tonight when looking for images and was drawn to it straight away.

  2. Oh how sad. I have spent much of my adulthood living away from my Mum. It’s hard. I don’t ever want to be too far from my kids. I hope I get that luxury.

    • Thanks Laney. I am lucky that I am in the same town as my mum. I hope I get the luxury of my kids not being too far away when they are grown too.

  3. So sad that your friends are in such a hard place right now 😦 The challenges of childhood have nothing on those many adults face, I’m grateful for this relatively calm time too.

    • I know Kate, I just can’t imagine. I feel helpless, so as mums I can’t imagine how they feel. I know I have my challenges and times of frustration with what I can do for my kids, but if nothing else I can hug them and make them feel safe while they are physically close by.

  4. I struggle to think what I will do when my smalls have grown up and moved away. I love these moments now, even at 9 and 7, when I know I can keep them within my little coccoon, both figuratively and literally b y pulling them in close for a hug.

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