Thankful for pre-school places, nice nurses and RDOs

I’m linking up with Kate Says Stuff  for Thankful Thursday.

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Today I am Thankful for the news that Little W. got a place in the pre-school we wanted him to get into.  We are very lucky to have gotten a place as the pre-school had a lot of re-enrolments from kids who went last year. Little W has had his name on the list since he was two, and I thought that should be sufficiently early where we live – and did not think it necessary to put his name down anywhere else. So naive. But someone must have decided on another pre-school, or moved away or something and the lovely director found me a place of a Friday. This was important to me as Little W. has not been in daycare or anything and I really wanted him to experience a social environment the year before starting school five days a week. So next year, Fridays = preschool. How exciting.

I am also thankful for the lovely nurse who listened to my concerns about immunisations for Lula in light of her egg allergy.  We have had her before for Little W’s four year old needles and she really is just awesome at her job. Little W was very scared and she was able to calm him right down and he absolutely adores her. She makes an unpleasant task a pleasant experience.

Thirdly I am thankful that today was Joe’s RDO. I have had a great day with him and it’s just such a nice atmosphere when he’s home with us. All four of us went out for lunch and got to see how crazy-busy the shops are already. Joe also bought me a CD I’d been wanting, he’s such a sweetheart.

I’m three times thankful today.

How about you? Let me know what you are thankful for with a comment below or head on over to Katesaysstuff and link up for Thankful Thursday.


5 responses to “Thankful for pre-school places, nice nurses and RDOs

  1. That’s great news that you got the preschool you wanted. It’s really daunting sending your small one off for the first time, but if you’re happy where they are going, you’ll have nothing to worry about. Friday preschool is perfect timing too!

    You should link up these posts on the Grateful linky too, Happy.


  2. Oh PS – I forgot that I wanted to thank you for your words on my post today. You are a very kind soul yourself to say such lovely things. x

  3. Not a problem, I meant every word. I will link up to Grateful this week; still a bit of a newbie with the links – wasn’t sure if double-linking was a faux pas. But now I now it is ok, thanks 🙂

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