Thankful Thursday – Merry Christmas

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The lovely Sara at Cloverdew Creative runs a gorgeous segment on her blog called “Love a la Carte.” She simply lists the things she is grateful for at that moment, linking a few to videos or images. So in the Pre-Christmas rush I am doing today’s Thankful Thursday post in the same style as Sara – bullet points today instead of full explanations;

I am thankful for

❄ Coffee ❄ My husband’s smile and his blue blue eyes ❄ The excitement in my son’s eyes as I explain the whole Santa thing to him ❄ My daughter dancing to Christmas carols ❄ Puppy ChristmasKate for hosting this linky ❄ All the lovely bloggers I have discovered through Thankful Thursday ❄ Online grocery shopping ❄ Just thinking about how excited my kids are going to be on Christmas morning ❄ The Sweet FA Boxing day my husband and I have planned ❄ Cherries ❄ hot showers and five minutes peace ❄ the Hobbit trailer ❄ New year – new diary, love choosing this ❄ Small acts of kindness ❄ More coffee ❄

So there you have it! So much to be thankful for, as always.

Merry Christmas everyone!

What are you thankful for?

I’m Linking up with Kate Says Stuff for Thankful Thursday.


9 responses to “Thankful Thursday – Merry Christmas

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    • I don’t think there would be much Christmas cheer at my place if we ran out of coffee here that’s for sure 😉

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