Funeral Songs – Eden’s Fresh Horses Brigade

Today is the first time I’m linking up over at Edenland for her Fresh Horses Brigade meme. Eden has got me thinking about what songs I would like played at my funeral.

Really, there are a lot that I wouldn’t mind. And I think that if I were to ‘bump’ first, then my husband Joe would do a pretty damn good job of choosing the soundtrack for my funeral. He would be the only person on earth who could actually. For the rest of the planet, I had better make a list, and probably a do not play list at well.  Or it might be like at our wedding where the DJ started playing Rod Stewart after we had said previously to him ‘We are not Rod Stewart kinda people,’ and Joe and I were all ‘What is this shit?’ and we told him to stick to the fricken set list.

So that’s right, no Rod Stewart.

Also No:

Wind Beneath my Wings – if people are inclined to think of me as their hero (ha!) and wish to use it at my funeral, feel free to use Foo Fighters “My Hero” in it’s place.

My Heart will Go On – No.

Anything country – Yes, I am a born and raised country girl. Yes, on occasion, I may listen to a little Johnny Cash, but on a whole this is not my favourite music genre. There is to be no twanging and clanging at my funeral. Notable exception – Johnny Cash’s cover of NIN’s hurt. Acceptable.

Anything churchy – Mum, Dad, if you’re still here please take note. I do not want Catholic hymns. No. no. no. no.

Songs that are acceptable:

The Scientist – Coldplay

No Surprises – Radiohead

Everlong – Foo Fighters – although I had this at my wedding, poor taste? Any Foos is fine actually.

Just Breathe – Pearl Jam

All Apologies – Nirvana

No Leaf Clover – Metallica – my inner cynic loves this song, and it is the best Metallica song ever, but it may sound a bit bitter? I don’t want bitter at my funeral. So maybe not.

and maybe as I’m carried out

For Whom The Bell Tolls – Metallica (ha ha it tolls for me! Geddit?)

or some feel good Ben Lee – We’re All in this Together, except I hate that it was used in a coke ad.

I think it would be really cool to have my name & the years I lived in simple back letters on a huge white screen followed by the Six Feet Under theme as they bring my coffin in.

And then I’d really love this little clip to be played at the end. Right before they carry me out.

(Although, if it was that actual clip, I’d need someone to put some subtitles on it. Volume’s a little low there.)

Because that’s the point I’d like to make to those sitting there at my funeral.

That’s the point I’d like to make to myself right now.

You can do anything you lucky bastard – you’re alive!

It can’t be so simple.

What if it is?


10 responses to “Funeral Songs – Eden’s Fresh Horses Brigade

    • I know right, Deb? ‘This is my final fit, my final bellyache with no alarms and no surprises…’

  1. I think we have very similar tastes in music. I was sitting here nodding my head to both your no-play-list and your play-list. 90’s grunge bands and Ben Lee, I think I like you.

    • Thanks Georgia. I think you may be right – our music tastes do seem to be similar, maybe we are from the same “era?”

    • I thought it might be handy to let people know what I don’t want as well as what I do.=)

  2. Swear to god it is that simple. SWEAR!! Knowing that … is like a secret.

    Thank you for linking. I love your choices! xx eden

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