I haven’t written anything much lately

I haven’t written anything much lately.

I’m not sure what the deal is there.

I’ve got a few ideas, a few drafts, a few posts on the go. But every time I come here to write something I stop.

And then I more than likely click over to Twitter. Or Pinterest. Or probably your blog. But then I don’t comment. Rude, aren’t  I? Your blog is fantastic by the way. I loved your last post. But commenting would mean engaging, and that’s not in line with what I’m doing at the moment.

I am procrastinating.

Big time.

There are things I should’ve written by now.

Memes and Linky things I love linking up to – here, and here, and here, and here, but I just haven’t.

Sometimes for me it still feels like the year hasn’t even started.

I know, I know, we’re almost done with February.

I have a bazillion things going on in my head.

I just need to pick something and run with it.

And write.

I need this.

This outlet. This space. This practice. This stimulation. This connection.

I know it’s good for me.

So why can’t I seem to get my act together? Why am I all over the shop?

What am I avoiding here?

Maybe I need to look into that.



7 responses to “I haven’t written anything much lately

  1. Oh wow! This is so familiar. If I have been writing I haven’t been commenting on anyone else’s blogs. I’m reading yours whilst feeding the baby & it’s only 9pm so I have the capacity to comment. Any later & my brain leaves me.
    I hope you get your blogging mojo back soon.

    • Thanks Sara, I hope so too. And I think that is the quickest comment (so soon after posting) I’ve ever had!

    • Absolutely Claire. It keeps me writing and striving to improve on my writing too. Also, some of the best, most beautiful words I’ve read lately have been blog posts.

  2. Alana, I love this! I can so relate. It’s hard to get yourself writing when life seems all over the place. But we need it! – I can relate to needing the outlet, the expression, the space, the connection. And yet, sometimes it’s easier to be a spectator. I find when I sit back and watch that I get very frustrated though. Sometimes it’s healthy to take a step back and not comment (and some blogs I just get so overwhelmed with commenting – the big ones)… but I think it’s about finding blogs that resonate with us and that we can find connection. I hope you find the motivation to write soon. It is so good for you! And us! 🙂

  3. I am not sure why my comment above defaulted to ‘debwildhope’ – that’s my old blog name!? Anyhow, I’m sure you know it’s Deb from B&P…. I’m changing the settings this time! xx

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