I quit pinterest!


Everyone’s favourite new hobby turned marketing platform.

I loved it. I really did.

But you know what? For me, it was a massive time-waster. Huge.

I would open up my laptop to write. But as everyone knows, before you start writing you need to check your email. And twitter. And Facebook. And there on my top sites, was a grid full of new shiny beautiful pictures beckoning me. And so, before I started to write, I would play around on Pinterest for a while. Just five minutes. I promise, mum. And then I’ll do my homework.

Perhaps I would be in the mood to pin clothes, or homewares, or things that made me laugh. And then there would be an infographic that looked kinda funny but it was too small to read properly so I would click to go to the source, which, often was the aptly named iwastessomuchtime and before I knew it I would be scrolling through pages of half-funny memes, hitting gold maybe every 3 or four pages and yelling out to my husband to come see this, and then hoping he found it as funny as I did because I just made him get up from the nice comfy sofa. I also get a bit annoying about it, telling him to hurry up because a) the longer it takes for him to come into my office and look at said funny, the less funny it becomes and b) I  obviously need to get back to the important task of pinning all the things.

Before you know it, my five minute play on Pinterest in the name of inspiration has turned into two hours in which I have done nothing besides pin some clothing looks which would never work on me, add a few inspirational messages to my quotes board, smirk my way through page after page of iwastesomuchtime for the occasional LOL, and piss off my husband by assuring him he needs to come and see another “What I really do” meme. And then the baby wakes up and I curse and wonder when I am ever going to get any time to write.

So I quit, I deleted my account. No more pinning. No more re-pinning.

I’m going to make me an old-fashioned inspiration board – a cork pinboard above my desk. I know exactly how I want it to look too, I saved a bunch of pictures to my For The Home pinboard.

Oh wait.


But seriously, I don’t miss it. Not one bit.

By the way, can anyone tell me anything about We Heart It, Piccsy or the Fancy?


Are you addicted to Pinterest? How do you procrastinate online?


7 responses to “I quit pinterest!

  1. Hehe, yes Pinterest is a bit of a guilty pleasure isn’t it? That’s the problem with networked pinboards – they tempt you to explore further. But yes the real pinboard would probably be more helpful in keeping your inspiration focused 🙂

    • Yes, I think the real pinboard may help, hopefully it encourages me to explore my own mind further rather than all corners of the internet. But then again, I don’t know which one would have scarier content! 😉

  2. Hahaha, that is so true. I recently deleted mine too, actually because of this article I read about the legality of pinning other people’s pictures and in the event that pnterest is sued as a user you need to pay for their lawyer. Since I own a realitively young small business & am a single mother that was not a risk for good marketing I was willing to take. But it is true, I did all of what you described! And yes, I do miss the entertainment factor —but now I am working more =) thanks fir he good laugh & playfully insigtful post.

    All the best,
    Jes Black

    • “the legality of pinning other people’s pictures and in the event that pnterest is sued as a user you need to pay for their lawyer” oh yikes! Even more reason to quit! It has definitely been a good move in terms of productivity for me.

  3. I just want to completely log out and quit pinterest! It won’t let me, they are holding me hostage! I want to quit and never come back to Pinterest! It is a waste of time for me! I refuse to pay for pins!

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