March Photo a day – the catchup

Now catching up on my photo taking after our strange week, which I’ll update on soon.

6 – 5PM

It isn’t really 5pm in this photo – but my watch is broken. It’s second hand broke off after being thrown by a monkey. And now it doesn’t keep time.

7 – Something you wore

They are shabby and in need of replacing I know, but they are my favourites. I call them my Dwight shoes. Do you know why?

8 – Window

I love the way the sunlight hits these blinds in my living room window.

9 – Red

One of my favourite t-shirts, referencing Shaun of the Dead. Edgar Wright + Simon Pegg + Nick Frost + Zombies = All Win.

10 – Loud

Teddy likes it LOUD. Tee-hee.

If you want to join in the fun of March Photo A Day check out Fatmumslim’s website here. There are lots of different ways to join in.


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