Fresh Horses – picture this

Eden has asked for some happy snaps for this week’s Fresh Horses, so I went through my phone to find a couple of non-photo-a-day inspired pics to share.

My son painted this at pre-school just for me. I think I have mentioned my current yellow obsession before. I have a wall in my office I call the ‘Art Gallery.’ This is my favourite piece.

Joe leaves me little messages in unexpected places sometimes. Earlier in the week I found this. This is ‘our hashtag’. Yes, we are the annoying couple on twitter who tweet to each other. Our apologies to our one mutual twitter friend (sorry @xgenosis).

Oh how I love those cute little feet! In a rare moment, Lula is sitting still and I take a photo of her feet in her new shoes, her first mary-janes. This photo wasn’t taken using Instagram! It looks cool because I used an app called Hipstamatic Disposable. Just like a disposable camera, you must use up the whole ‘film’ (take 24 photos) before you see any of them. It’s really fun.

Edenland's Fresh Horses Brigade


10 responses to “Fresh Horses – picture this

  1. Oh those gorgeous feet in those gorgeous shoes! Sometimes I feel the need to have another baby just so I can put cute little shoes on them! (Kidding… please, that is not a good reason, is it?!). Anyway, love your photos Alana. I love the thought of a wall dedicated to being an Art gallery – sounds cool! (Take a picture of it?). x

    • I was very restrained in the little shoe department with my son, but I am finding it harder to be sensible with the girl shoes, there is such a bigger range. I will post an art gallery pic soon.:)

  2. The Mary Janes are adorable! Hmmm, Hipstamatic Disposable sounds like a great way to stop yourself from editing along the way.

    • It is really fun. And it is kind of exciting when you finish that last photo and ae waiting for your photos to ‘develop.’

  3. Those sweet little feet in those sweet little shoes! You must have been delighted to find that once you could view your 24! Too cute.

    • Thank you Eden. It does look like a love heart. That is why it is my favourite. 🙂

  4. Whilst not entirely sure how I feel about couples tweeting their love to the world, it’s kinda sweet. The unexpected hash tag love note is definitely sweet! Soul mates are really, really awesome. x

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