Thankful that my baby woke an hour early this morning

My little Lula woke a whole hour early this morning.

Now, never having been a morning person even when it was possible to have a full night sleep, I would usually have found this early morning wake up call a bit disheartening to say the least.

But today, I decided to use this unexpected hour ahead of schedule to my advantage. Well to everyone’s advantage really. So I formulated a plan.

Seeing as she woke a hour early, I gave her lunch an hour early.

And as she had lunch an hour early, she went down for her nap an hour early,

Which meant she woke with just enough time for us to get ready and go catch the bus.

Little W has never been on a bus before, so he was beside himself with excitement. It was so beautiful to see, his eyes wide and his smile even wider as he drank in every second of the bus ride. Such a simple thing, but to him it was so amazing.

We all went to the library together, Lula’s first visit. Last time we had been I was very, very pregnant and had taken Little W. to story time as one of our last ‘Mummy and W. days’

And we did the groceries, which, although not exciting in itself, means that I don’t have to do it tomorrow.

It  was really just a great afternoon.

Now, I could have attempted this on a different day, where we had awoken at the usual time. But an earlier bus would’ve meant one without the ramp for the pram, so I would’ve struggled with fold and hold while worrying about the road and fumbling with the bus money which is not at all relaxing. A later one would’ve left little to no library time.  So it was the perfect one to catch really.

Their big adventure then added the bonus of not too much bedtime protest (after the excitement of new reading materials, of course.)

Which meant that I could relax with Joe and an episode of The Walking Dead. And a little bit of chocolate.

And still have time to write this blog post and link it up with Kate Says Stuff in time for Thankful Thursday.

Perfect huh?

And all because my little one woke up early.

Who’d have thought that would be a good thing?

What are you grateful for? I’m linking up with the ever-awesome Kate at KateSaysStuff for Thankful Thursday. The talented Kate has written her post this week in the style of a famous author – go check it out!

Also linking in with the oh-so-beautiful Maxabella loves for 52 weeks of grateful for more spreading-of-the-gratitude.

Honestly, weeks where I take the time to think about it and link up with these two ladies with the things that I am grateful for, they are my sparkliest weeks. Taking the time to be grateful really makes me smile. And reading other peoples gratefuls just adds to the feel-good stuff. So head on over and check them out.


8 responses to “Thankful that my baby woke an hour early this morning

    • Me too. Although it isn’t as bad if it is a day sleep that goes awry, but getting up earlier means I have to get up earlier too!

  1. Now THAT is gratitude at it’s finest, Happy. I don’t know many people who would see rising an hour early as a good thing, but you made it a great thing. Lovely! x

    • You make me sound too good Bron, it was well after my first coffee for the day that I started to see the bright side and formulate my master plan.:)

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