On the cusp of something big…


I feel like I’m on the cusp of something.


A discovery, a revelation, an epiphany.


That the answer I’m seeking is just out of my mind’s grasp.


If I concentrate too hard, it’s going to flee, my underlying desperation driving it away


But I feel if I just wait for a short while,

and be alert {but not alarmed}


It’s going to softly float down

and position itself

at the forefront of my mind.


It’s going to sit there, quietly minding it’s own business.

And I have got to do my best not to startle it, as I move in ever so softly to capture it in my small, small hands.


When I catch it I will bring it in close, keep it warm, keep it



But if I miss it…


I will probably act like nothing is wrong,

pretend that this feeling bubbling away inside me right now never happened

decide that perhaps my radar for such things is broken


but inside I will be crushed

knowing it

knowing it


I missed my chance.

Joining in with Jess at Diary of a SAHM for I blog on Tuesday *my first time doing this!*

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8 responses to “On the cusp of something big…

  1. Oh great post, Happyian! I know that feeling and I hope you catch it!

    The comment you wrote on my own post just now was out-of-this world wonderful. Exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you enormously. x

    • Thanks Bron, I hope I catch it too.

      And as for my comment on your post you are most welcome, I’m glad it helped. xx

    • I’m still in the zone where I’m waiting to catch it Rhi, it hasn’t passed me by quite yet! But yes, timing can be very important.:)

  2. I know that feeling but have never heard it described so enigmatically or beautifully before. Wow. πŸ™‚

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