Photo a day April – week one

So last month I kinda dropped out of the photo-a-day challenge halfway through. This month I am a lot more organised with it and I am determined to take a photo for every single day. I have been posting them to instagram and twitter daily, but decided instead of posting them to the blog every day I would put them up in weekly instalments.

So without further ado here is week one –

1. your reflection



2. colour



3. mail



4. Someone who makes you happy


5. tiny


6. lunch


7. Shadow


Photo a day is a challenge put out by FatMumSlim to take one photo each day according to a set of prompts. It is lots of fun and you can participate in a variety of ways. If you’re interested in joining in, the prompt list for April can be found here.


5 responses to “Photo a day April – week one

    • I don’t think it’s cheating if it still means you take more photos – I think that is the point of the challenge right? ;). For what it’s worth, I am actually taking the photos on their appropriate day (and uploading to instagram) but thought I’d do a week’s worth on the blog as I like how it looks!

  1. Lovely to meet you, sweet girl! Thanks for your gorgeous comments on my blog. Always a treat to meet a sister writer and another mama finding her way. xx

    • Lovely to meet you too Kat. Yay for sister writers and fellow mamas. Sometimes it feels like hard work to combine the two. But I think by using it to clear my head, writing makes me a better mama, and by showing me an amazing new perspective, my children help me be a better writer 🙂

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