I get so bored with play-doh

I am always trying to find or think of new creative activities for Little W. He is a very imaginative little four and a half year old, and he likes to collaborate when it comes to creative projects. And by that I mean he is more likely to sit down and make or do some art and craft if I sit down and do it with him. Which is fine by me, I love getting to sit down to do something relatively calm and quiet together and it’s so interesting to watch him work, especially if he is drawing.

But I get a bit bored with the basics sometimes so we decided to try something new. As he was interested in what I was doing with the photo a day challenge, I decided to set him up on his own. I called it a “rainbow photo project” and typed out each colour of the rainbow (and added pink for good measure) for him to read. We then went and took a single photo of something containing each of these colours, and ticked them off as we went.

He loved it! I let him use our basic point and shoot Olympus and we searched for different things of each colour before he decided which item was right for his shot.

I uploaded the photos onto our computer and collated them in a nice rectangle grid. To complete the project design, I took a photo of our budding photographer using my IPhone and added it to the centre of the grid, surrounded by his work – the seven colours of the rainbow (+ pink).

Finally we printed it out.

I love the photos he took, in fact I used the one he took of clothes on the line in my blog header. It was interesting to see what he chose for each colour as he didn’t always go for the first or most obvious choice.

I then let him have freeplay with the camera for a while, and he ran the battery flat. Later when I charged it up and looked at what he had shot, I found some real treasures. Mixed in with the inevitable photos of toys were some of the most delightful pics of his little sister. Including one of her with the toy camera, obviously emulating her big brother again.

It was fun for both little W. and I, so I have decided to make it a weekly activity for him; with a different theme each week. This week we are going to do shapes.

Do you have any theme suggestions for me? Do you get bored with play-doh?


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    • Shelly, what a lovely comment, I have tears in my eyes. Thank you, you’ve made my day xx

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