A little trifecta

Just a short and sweet Thankful this week.

I’m Thankful for:

A fresh off the presses magazine delivered to my door.

The essential accompaniment to said magazine.

The non-essential but damn nice accompaniment to said magazine.

I think I have a little trifecta going here.

But the best part is the fact that it is Joe’s RDO and he is keeping the kids occupied, which will give me the chance to read said magazine.

How good is a fresh magazine? Do have a magazine reading ritual? What are you thankful for this week?

Kate has put forward a haiku challenge this Thursday! so here goes…

Gratitude is love

Expressed and shared with others

Go ahead and share

Share your gratitude (and love!) with Kate at Katesaysstuff’s Thankful Thursday 

and with Maxabellaloves at 52 weeks of Grateful.


20 responses to “A little trifecta

  1. I love my food magazines. I jsut always seem to find last months unread one in a corner somewhere (unread) when the new one turns up. I need to make a new magazine ritual. Yours looks perfect 🙂

    • I drool over Donna Hay magazine, but only buy it very occasionally because I never get the chance to make anything out of it! I love my little ritual. You should definitely create one of your own.

  2. I don’t do magazines, I would like to but the time to read them just never seems to be found. Sure looks like a great trifecta though

    • Thanks Rhi, and I only just discovered that my spam filter was eating your comments! I am sorry and apologise for this late reply.

  3. The chocolate is COMPLETELY necessary! 🙂 I love reading magazines (one of the benefits I used to have working in a newsagency) but I don’t really do it anymore . . .maybe I should instate a little ritual of my own.

    • I’ve always wanted to work in a news agency just for the magazines! Yes, create a little ritual! I love mine.

    • Ahh yes, so much awesome stuff to look at on the internet. Sometimes I want something with a little less glare though, and I don’t want to get choccy on my keyboard.;)

  4. I haven’t read a “real” magazine for ages but I think that maybe I should indulge again. There’s something so decadent about being completely absorbed in a good magazine even if just for a while. 🙂

  5. “Yay!” for the trifecta. RL is my fave mag and I haven’t bought this month’s yet [I know what’s wrong with me right?] tomorrow I’ll scoot to the Newsagency to get my copy, plunge a lovely cup of coffee and sit in the sunshine [fingers crossed] to pour over the images adding sticky notes as I go.

    Happy weekend!

    PS: Fabulous Haiku to You

    • Oh I like the sticky notes, good idea. I’m not sure if this issue is out at the Newsagency yet. I subscribe and I think you get it a little earlier.

  6. I like your haiku!

    I have my own copy of RL just waiting for a moment. Unwrap it and savior it! x

    • Real Living and Empire are my too must-have mags. Adding coffee and chocolate makes them even more enjoyable.

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