Photo a day April – Week Two

8. Inside your wallet

The contents of my wallet on Easter Sunday

9. Younger you

This is me on my fifteenth birthday. The mouth is smiling but the eyes are not. Hey Lan, why u so sad?

10. Cold

Getting cold overnight here now. Winter is upon us!

11. Where you ate breakfast

I ate my breakfast while checking my email. Here is my lovely mac with a beautiful smashing wallpaper for April.

12. Stairs

Little white shoes with hot pink socks. She loves stairs.

13. Something you found today

I found a lost bracelet while looking for a Dora dvd which had fallen under the TV cabinet.

14. How you feel today

Today I feel optimistic – the glass is half-full, baby. There is lots of awesome to come.

Photo a day is a challenge put out by FatMumSlim to take one photo each day according to a set of prompts. It is lots of fun and you can participate in a variety of ways. If you’re interested in joining in, the prompt list for April can be found here.


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