Thankful for Getting Organised

I don’t how it happened really, but  when it comes home-organisation I’m kinda awesome right now.

Things are flowing and I’m getting stuff done.

And for a chick like me (to whom tidiness is not a natural state), it’s really quite exciting.

I feel like I’m on top of things.

Most days. And the days that I’m not are a lot easier because of the days that I am. One day off from any given task does not mean the house devolves into chaos.

I’m certainly far more organised now than I was when Little W. was a baby.  My house is tidier with two kids than it ever was with one.

But, the dishes.

My housework related achilles’ heel.

How I loathe thee.

When I saw that Laney at Crash Test Mummy was taking part in a challenge vs Jodie at Muddled Up Mumma to get organised at home, I thought, here’s my chance to join in and be accountable. Laney is following FlyLady‘s method and FlyLady? She’s big on shiny sinks. And you can’t have a shiny sink with dishes stacked on every available surface.

Well, I failed.

And I didn’t.

The FlyLady method is not for me.

My own method, which basically relies on me being organised but not being tied to something completely rigid and full of “rules” is working for me. I have a basic outline, I have to-do lists, but I don’t have “time-slots.”

I still love seeing and hearing about other people’s routines and tips. And incorporating what I like into my own way of doing things.

And I think that the ‘Happylan’ way of doing things is the best one for me.

And I’m not just talking about housework.

I’m thankful for that realisation, too.

What are you thankful for this week? What is your housework Achilles’ heel? Do you have a strict housework routine? What works for you?

Linking up with Laney at Crash Test Mummy, enjoying reading about the home organisation challenge – she’s hosting a Sabco giveaway too, check it out!

Linking up Kate at Kate Says Stuff for Thankful Thursday. Kate’s been busy and she’s not just talking about moving – I can’t wait to hear all about her exciting new project.

Linking up With Bron from Maxabella Loves for 52 Weeks of Grateful over at Kidpot – go check out the pretty new digs for the grateful group.


36 responses to “Thankful for Getting Organised

  1. I always think of the flylady when I clean my sink! I tried it once upon a time and.. well I think I lost motivation!! My Achilles? bringing in the damn washing.. gah!

    • I’m not a fan of bringing in the washing much either Loz but I’d still rather do that than the damn stinky dishes. 🙂

  2. i can so relate to the dishes thing. luckly i have taught the kids to do the dishes that go in the dishwasher and the rest i do like pots and pans. im like you though i hate cleaning altogether but since moving here i have been much better at cleaning now then i ever was.

    • Oh that’s great that your kids pitch in and help you out. I wish I had a dishwasher! I am the dishwasher :).

      • Thats the thing i guess i have a dish washer and still hate doing the dishes lol.

    • It took me a long time but I finally figured out that my own way is the way to go 🙂

    • Parts of what she preaches makes sense, but as whole, just not for me. I do like a clear dining table. It makes me happy 🙂

  3. Thanks for linking up Alana! Your sink looks great. I’m struggling a bit with FlyLady and have probably been to relaxed in my approach. I think I need to be more regimented. I like that you’ve found the Happylan way!

    • I couldn’t stick to flylady Laney although a lot of what she says make sense, things just work better when I do it my own way.

  4. I hate doing dishes too and I wrote a post about it this week as well! How funny! Shall we write about folding washing next week? Just kidding.

    Cute post, it is always a challenge finding a balance. My house was SPOTLESS with two children, but with THREE, it is really not good. I do the basics, but now I am doing some part time work, I blog, I am writing some articles and all the other things that go with being a mum, that cleaning is often the first thing to go… Oh well, there will be time enough for clean houses when the kids are older. {I don’t live in a total mess BTW, we are really tidy, just not as clean as I would like and I have crazy high standards…. Just felt the need to justify myself!}

    • I will have to go check out your dishes post! Isn’t it funny how we feel the need to justify ourselves – surely cleaning can take back seat so we have time for our families, our career aspirations and ourselves without needing to explain that.:) I nearly didn’t post the dirty dishes pic because it made me cringe – and that was a ‘good’ day.

  5. Good for you! I find I go through house cleaning frenzies ( that incidentally co-incide with my quarterly rental house inspections) but with both of us working full time and three kids to mess it can get out of hand really quickly. Oh but how I do love a shiny sink.

    • I hate to imagine what this place would be like if I was at work full time, I think my energy for cleaning would go from the little it is now to absolute zero. We rent too – oh how I love how the house looks on inspection day. We always vow to keep it that way. Five minutes later…

  6. I tried the Fly Lady way about …. oh my goodness…. ten years ago? I had just bought my first home and was a young whipper snapper with no idea about home organisation and routine. I tried…. but like you it just wasn’t for me. We all find our own way, what suits us.
    Found you through Gratefuls again 🙂

    • Yes I had tried Fly Lady before when my first-born was little. I thought I’d give it another go remembering some of the basic principles, but I realised I was actually doing OK without the need for all her rules. I am happy to be finding my own way 🙂

  7. I wish I was someone who could follow a set plan provided by others but it goes against everything in my being – i tried fly lady about 7-8 years ago and stopped on day 3 i think LOL

    Deb @ home life simplified

    • I know if I set something up for myself that is too rigid I will do anything to get out of following it. I am better off having a relaxed plan than a strict schedule too. 🙂

  8. I’ve never heard of the Fly Lady method and I don’t often manage a shiny sink – I tend to stack and drain once they’re clean. Naughty me. But your method sounds great! Visiting via Grateful

    • I was always a fan of the stack and drain method too, but my kitchen here is teeny tiny and drying and putting the dishes away makes a huge difference.

  9. I’ve been big on dishwashers lately… and I’m lucky to have two. The clean stuff comes out of one and returns to the other one. No dishes lying around and no need to pack the clean dishes away.

  10. Who is this Flylady that insists on a shiny sink? I will have to go have a look.

    I think life is too short to judge ourselves by how shiny our sink is. I’m very happy that you’re feeling more on top of things, though. That’s the important bit. The house has to function to make everything as simple and joyful as possible. The shiny bits are just gravy.


    • I really like this. I’m going to remember the phrase “as simple and as joyful as possible” whenever I start to feel a bit discouraged about my house being less than sparkling. Thanks.

    • I agree too Tahlia, it just took me a while to work out what my style was and to be ok with that. 🙂

  11. I got a dish washer after 10 years of marriage & 4 children, it was such a relief. I love a clear sink, i refer to clear counters & empty sink as good for my self respect when i return home after the morning school run, i like space. Good for you . . . & me, i managed to reduce my studio by a dozen garbage bags (some for the tip, some for charity) & i feel alive again, love Posie

    • A dozen garbage bags! Stellar effort, well done! I have vowed that the next place we live in *will* have a dishwasher!

    • I can imagine there would be some drawbacks to a white bath.:) . Ours is a beige colour like everything in our house!

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