Winter is coming

Do you see that?

The leaves are turning yellow.

It may be hard to believe but soon this mulberry bush will be completely bare.

A mass of twisted branches, naked, cold.

Winter is coming.

And so I make preparations.

Like a squirrel, I’m gathering my nuts,

so I don’t go nuts.

You see sometimes, I let winter seep in too deeply.

Sometimes the fog, it takes over my brain.

The frost, my spirit.

The days get dark, and so do my thoughts.

I’m making preparations.

I’m soaking up the Autumn’s last sunny days.

I’m feeding my mind with warm thoughts, building a stockpile of sunshine in my heart.

And I’m thinking about the best things about winter,

Snuggly blankets

Hot chocolate.


Wool coats.


Our heater.

And, despite their darkness, the exquisite beauty of the chilly days.

Most beautiful of course when viewed through my window, from the comfort of my warm, warm home.

I am making sure I am ready.

Making sure I am strong enough,

Bracing myself for those cold, cold winds.

Winter is coming.

But it can’t have me this time.

This time, I’m keeping warm.


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