Liebster Award

I am flattered, honoured and very excited to find that the gorgeous Kylie at Octavia and Vicky has awarded this little blog the Liebster blog award.

Octavia and Vicky is a gorgeous blog, where Kylie writes about “parenting, teaching, technology, food and enjoying the small things in life.” I especially love her recipes with added toddler tips. Very helpful. You should go check them out. Thanks for the award Kylie.

The word Liesbster means ‘dearest’ or ‘beloved’ and is a special award for blogs that have less than 200 followers but that you think may be deserving of some recognition. It is a way to show some love for the blogs you love to read.

When someone gives you the award, you then get a chance to pass the honour onto some of your own favourite blogs.

I have chosen to pass the award on to:

Ever So Pink

Shelly has a great eye for design, a style that is all her own, and a slight obsession with the colour pink. On her blog she shares the things that inspire her, making for a gorgeous visual feast. Her most recent post is about her 30th birthday celebrations. In Hawaii no less, and there are lots of pictures. As expected they are bright, beautiful and vey pink-heavy.

Bright & Precious

Deb is a beautiful soul. Her voice is strong, clear and authentic and that beautiful soul weaves through every word she writes. Her most recent post on finding your voice  is not to be missed.

Writing Without Pay

Jayne is talented and honest, and writes with heart and humour.  More than once her words have caught me off guard and I have finished reading her post through teary eyes. Like this one.

I Saw You Dancing

Kat’s blog is full of lovely and inspiring words and images. She makes me smile, she makes me think. I love her Worthiness Wednesday category.

I urge you all to check out the bloggers above, including Octavia and Vicky. They are well worth the click, I promise.

And to the lovely ladies who have received the Liebster Award from me – if passing it on is your thing go for it; I look forward to checking out your recommendations. Take the award below and put it somewhere on your site if you like.  If not that’s fine, no obligation. Just wanted to show you how much I love your blogs. Keep up the good work!


9 responses to “Liebster Award

  1. Wow, Alana! I’m honoured! Thanks so much. And congrats on you receiving the award! I was just given this last week by someone too – so I’ll have to do something about passing on that love! Love your blog. x

    • I love your writing Deb, was happy to be able to pass on the award to some of my favourite bloggers.:)

    • Thank you so much Shelly, you are making me blush. Your blog brightens my day so I was happy to be able to pass the award on to you xx

  2. I’m so sorry that I missed this when you posted it! Thank you again for the tremendous honour and the heartfelt kindness. Both mean so very much.
    Can’t wait to spread the love to other inspiring bloggers.

    • No worries Kat, l love your blog and hope more people discover it, I think you have much to offer the world. xx

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