Photo a day April – final instalment

Well, I did it! I took a photo for every day in April. Here is the final instalment.

22. The Last Thing you Bought

A very exciting purchase! My hair-bands always go missing. Am I the only one who finds these overpriced?

23. Vegetable

Good old steam fresh – Little W.’s favourite.

24. Something you’re Grateful for

Grateful for Joe. Thanks for holding my hand when I need you to, babe.

25. Looking Down

Looking down, at the cinema! Finally got to the movies.

26. Black and White

Black and white keys. Not a piano.

27. Somewhere you Went

I’m always traveling to other places. Other times too.

28. 1PM

This is the view from our verandah as I supervised the kids outside after lunch. Perfect Saturday weather.

29. Circle

This is the steering wheel on Lula’s car.

30. Something that Makes you Sad

Some of these contain egg. Which ones are not specified. Therefore I can’t eat any.

So there we go! A photo for every day of April. I had lots of fun and was very organised this time. Some of the photos I love, some are a bi bland, but it certainly got me thinking and the creative juices flowing. I recommend it!

Wanna join in for May? All the details and prompts from FatMumSlim here.


2 responses to “Photo a day April – final instalment

  1. I’m always fascinated with people’s interpretation of this photo challenge. And I love your view on life, Alana – which comes out in your photos. Love your sweet picture of Joe’s hand. And I love the ‘Somewhere you went’ photo. A woman after my own heart. 🙂 Are you allergic to egg? Can you eat any chocolate then? I love Cadbury’s Roses!

    • Thanks so much Deb, I never really thought of it this way. I am not allergic to egg, but I’m feeding my daughter who is. It’s only the centres that may have egg – so I can have plain chocolate – thank goodness!

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