Back home and grateful

After a long couple of days, we are home and happily getting back to our normal routine (although we have a rental inspection on Tuesday so are cleaning a little more diligently than usual for a Sunday. OK. A lot more.)

I am grateful that Lula’s procedure was as straightforward as I was told and that it all went smoothly.

I am grateful that the surgeon was lovely and easy to speak to and listened to me.

I am grateful that I am still breastfeeding because it made calming Lula down so so simple in recovery.

I am grateful to the lovely nurses who although they were so busy still made time to see if I would like a cup of tea while Lula slumbered.

I am grateful that Lula got over the anaesthetic relatively quickly.

I am grateful that our travels were safe and easy.

I am grateful to family that let us borrow their car for the trip – it is a lot more reliable than our own and has built in DVD for kid-distraction.

I am grateful that despite the stressful circumstances, the four of us managed to make the best of it and enjoy the time together (while we weren’t at the dr’s and the hospital.

I am grateful that the test is over.

I am grateful that even though we have test results to wait for, Lula is OK. And she will be OK even if the results come back positive for Coeliac, we can work around that, it is easily controlled by diet. There will be no need for medication or surgeries.

My baby is OK.

And that is what I am most grateful for.

What are you grateful for this week?

Linking up with Bron at Maxabella loves for 52 weeks of Grateful.


4 responses to “Back home and grateful

  1. Oh, honey, that it so much to be grateful for!
    May your week be peaceful and uneventful in the best of ways.

  2. Phew, that’s a big one! Grateful, grateful, grateful!! And nurses are wonderful. x

    PS – hope the inspection went well!

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