How to have a “Take-it-Easy Tuesday”

After a long night here in happyland, involving a boy with a stuffed-up nose and a teething toddler both having trouble sleeping, meaning everyone had trouble sleeping, we are all feeling a little fragile today.


So I have declared today Take-it-Easy Tuesday.

Here is how to do it –


Give yourself permission to take it easy.

Be gentle with yourself and each other.

Speak softly.

Stay in your pjs if you want.

Those phone-calls you need to make, postpone them.

Ditto emails.

Wear your comfy slippers.

Let your hair be wild.

Organise something easy for dinner, something soothing, something comforting. I put a casserole in the slow cooker. It’s amazing how much more relaxing it is to prep vegies when I’m not in a hurry to get it ready at dinnertime.

Or forget about organising dinner if you prefer. Get takeaway.

Move slowly. A snail’s pace is optimal.

Drink something soothing and warm.

Forget about the ‘TV viewing limit’ guidelines.

Snuggle up on the couch, or the beanbag, or lie on the floor and read to the kids. Let them bring the books to you.

Weather permitting, go outside. Get a dose of vitamin D if you can. Observe the kids. Supervise. Banish all guilt about not joining in.

Put on soothing, gentle music. Dance slowly. Sway. Or just sit there and soak it in.

Read things that fill you up and speak to your soul. Stay away from what may make you anxious or depressed.

Give hugs freely, and accept the ones you get in return. You need them.

Smile. Even with tired eyes you are beautiful.

Go to bed when you can.

And most of all be gentle with yourself.

Tomorrow you can bound out of bed and continue your kick-ass plan for world domination.

But today, just take it easy.


What’s your advice for taking it easy?


Joining in with Jess for I Blog on Tuesday (IBOT).


8 responses to “How to have a “Take-it-Easy Tuesday”

  1. Oh that sounds divine! I kind of love Tuesdays. Playgroup in the morning means the kids play happily while I socialise, and then I read awesome blogs the rest of the day! Nothing wrong with that! 🙂

  2. Love this post – I am going to think about doing this next time I feel like it is all getting too much for me !!

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