Grateful for my mum

Yep, that’s my mum, and the little chubba bubba is me. Isn’t my mum gorgeous?

I am grateful for my mum.

For always being there.

For taking care of me.

For being silly.

For laughing.

For letting me know it’s ok to cry.

For calming me down.

For making things better.

For getting spiders out of my room.

For knowing when I wasn’t happy.

For trying her best to make me realise that my happiness began with me, although it took me a long time to learn.

For making my favourite dinner on my birthday.

For making dinner always.

For the ballet costumes, the book week costumes, the school concert costumes.

For the awesome birthday cakes.

For the endless shopping expeditions. For the clothes she bought me.

For the holidays she organised and saved for.

For the books.

For listening to tear-filled phonecalls.

For helping me with my wedding.

For teaching me to drive.

For being Grandma.

For being a strong woman.

For being inspirational.

For always, always loving me.

For all of this and more.

For being my mum.

Thank you and

I love you Mum.


I’m linking up with Maxabella for 52 weeks of Grateful. What are you grateful for this week? Come and join in and check out a whole bunch of gratefuls. 


13 responses to “Grateful for my mum

  1. Ah, bless your gorgeous mum and us gorgeous mums everywhere. I hope my children write about me so beautifully one day, Happylan. That would be awesome. x

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