Edenland’s Fresh Horses – Who are you?

Edenland's Fresh Horses Brigade
I wrote a post to link up to Eden’s Fresh Horses Brigade Meme, and then I decided that this post wanted to be spoken.

So I give you my first ever vlog!

Please be aware, as well as my first time vlogging, it is also my first time using iMovie, and uploading a video to youtube!

So who am I?

See for yourself below!

And who are you? Come join in over at Edenland.


23 responses to “Edenland’s Fresh Horses – Who are you?

  1. I love this post.You are not alone with these feelings.I just want to hug you and say how wonderful and brave you really are.xx

  2. Just watched this …. and wept. Big cries, man. Seriously. Because we are all so alike. Because you have a beautiful way with words. Because I’m so honoured that you did your very first vlog to link into a post of mine.

    You are BEAUTIFUL. And you taught me today, that we all hold them.

    Until we let them go.

    And letting go? Is when real living happens.

    Thank you. So much.

    XXXXX eden

    • Oh god, Thank you Eden. I am blown away by your comment. Thank you for watching, and thank you for seeing. I came so close to not posting it, then I thought again about what I’d said and I hit publish anyway. So glad I did.

  3. Alana! You are GORGEOUS. My dear, it is so good to finally hear your voice. And your VOICE. And I’m in love with it. I’m so sure you’re carrying the Royal Flush. And I can’t wait for you to play them. You will feel so free when you do. Your writing is amazing. You are braver and more beautiful than you think.

    • Thanks so much Deb, I was so nervous about putting this out there, but reactions like this make me glad that I did. Thank you for these lovely words.

    • Thank you Carli, a bit nerve-racking but over-all I kind of liked “speaking” to you all. Might have to vlog some more.

  4. OMG, what a first vlog. So nice to finally ‘meet’ you, too hear you and experience the passion in your voice. Learn to let go, there is much to be learned by sharing with others. Your words and thoughts are far, far from beige. Get painting.

  5. Just play ’em, Happylan. Please.

    I loved getting to ‘see’ you today. You are guarded and nice and on a completely superficial note, I love your shorter hair. x

    • Thanks Bron. xx And as for the hair, I am terrible at making time for the hairdresser, it was long overdue and feels much better πŸ™‚

  6. so gorgeous. i love the cadence and rhythm of the vlog. i love the honesty. show up, let the words spill out – it will build into a body of work that will unveil the path. so much faith in you! xo.

    • Thank you so much Leigh and thanks for visiting me here! Wise words, thank you xx

    • Quite possibly! Or maybe I’m sitting here with my cards while everyone around me is playing roulette?! Magic cards, I like that πŸ™‚

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