Photo-a-day July

Welcome to the 2nd half of 2012.

I can’t believe it either.

I have a few projects on the horizon, a few goals I’m working towards and a few exciting things to look forward to.

I’m gathering momentum and forgetting that it’s winter and looking forward to the next few months.

One thing I am returning to this month is Fat Mum Slim’s Photo-a-Day challenge. I last completed it back in April and have decided that July is the month to give it another shot. Last time I posted each of the photos in a weekly round-up, this time I’m just going to choose my favourite for the week and post it each Sunday. I will be posting daily to Instagram (@happylan) and Twitter.

The amazing Chantelle at Fat Mum Slim, who created the challenge and provides the monthly prompts wrote a great article about the five ways Photo-a-day will change your life for the better.

For me, although I am not a ‘natural’ photographer, I enjoy the creative challenge of trying to think outside the square when it comes to the daily theme. Also, I would like to improve my photography skills, and what better way than to practice every day?

I know to make sure I participate each day for the month I need to be organised. What I did in April to make sure I was on top of the daily theme was to write each one down on a calendar. I have used a free printable calendar from 74 Lime Lane – you can find it here. I find the act of writing them down makes me look at the list in more detail, and I find the creative ideas start to flow already.

You can then display the calendar somewhere prominent like the fridge, near your desk or your inspiration board. Or, if you are like me and have run out of real estate on your fridge due to the kid’s art and are waiting for the inspiration to create your inspiration board, you can put it in your diary or some other place you check frequently. I actually have a ‘to-do’ folder which I look at each morning, so I put the calendar in a plastic sleeve in the front page of that.

And that is how I plan to stick to the challenge this month.

Are you going to join in too? If you are and I’m not following you on Instagram, let me know where to find you.


9 responses to “Photo-a-day July

  1. That’s a really good idea! I say I’m going to do this project every month and got to day 10 in March, but that’s it. I am too slack and too camera un-ready I think! Maybe August? Maybe?! x

  2. I hope you get it all done! I have not done one single month!
    For me, the problem is I don’t have enough of a ‘photographic’ eye I guess. I think, ‘why take a photo of a chair?’ But I guess that’s what inspires other people!

  3. It’s been a challenge to be creative every day, and some days I haven’t been, just taken the photo. But proud I’ve done it everyday this year and posted them in an album on FB(I dont have intagram). I blogged about it too at the 6 months mark 🙂

  4. I write them all down in a diary too! I love the photo challenge! I think it can really get your mind and photographic eye looking at things so differently. Today’s “chair” theme was great! I caught some lighting and shadows that I never would’ve usually seen before the challenge. I love how it stretches me to take photos out of my comfort zone.

    • You have a great eye Grace. I saw your ‘chair’, it was really cool the way you captured those shadows.

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