Does anybody else love breakfast trays?

This week I am grateful for

– Joe – he works hard. I want him to know that I realise this, and that I appreciate it immensely.

– A gorgeous friend who always remembers birthdays and anniversaries, even when I have been so hopeless and still have not sent her a 30th birthday present (she turned 30 in February.)

– Little snippets of sunshine, both literal and metaphorical, which are helping me out this winter.

– Breakfast trays. I just think they’re cool.

– Getting the tax returns done.

– Unused containers + uncooked rice = instant musical instruments. An oldie but a goodie and oh so easy.

– Having morning tea with my mum and big sister. Hearing my sister talk about all the things that are inspiring her – it makes my happy seeing her happy.

– The fact that we are now halfway through Winter! Hooray. I see Spring on the horizon.

What are you grateful for this week?

Linking in with Maxabella Loves for 52 weeks of Grateful over at Kidspot. Come join the fun!


4 responses to “Does anybody else love breakfast trays?

  1. Beautiful. Yay to sunshine in your days 🙂 and you’ve just made me smile with the thought that we’re half way to Spring! xx

    • We like to get the taxes out of the way ASAP here! I actually used to very good at birthdays, so I am a bit frustrated at myself about this disorganisation.

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