Man, I’m Just Tired and Bored with Myself

Do you remember Ally McBeal?

For those unaware, Ally McBeal was a TV program about a ‘quirky’ lawyer in a ‘quirky’ law firm and it did very well for a couple of years there. And I quite liked it. The lead character (whose name, funnily enough, was Ally McBeal), had a theme song, which would come into her head when she needed a self-confidence boost, or when she was feeling good about life, or really, whenever she saw her long lost love.

Anyway, I am a fan of the theme song idea. I have had a few throughout my life. Some have been carefully chosen. Sometimes they come out of nowhere and choose you.

I’ve been a little lost of late, and suddenly started hearing a lyric that spoke to me but at first I couldn’t place “I’m just tired and bored with myself.”

It just leapt into my head while I was in the shower, and I couldn’t shake it.

‘What song is that from again?’ I asked myself as I hummed the tune until I caught up with the chorus to solve my own mystery.

Of course, it comes from Bruce Springsteen’s Dancing in the Dark.

I thought after I figured this out then maybe the song would leave me alone. But it didn’t. So I read through the lyrics, nodding. Loving them. And I went to youtube it and instead of Bruce in all his boss-like glory, I first found Amy Macdonald singing it slowly with her amazing, strong Scottish-accented voice.

And it fit perfectly with how I was feeling about the song at the time; pensive, soulful, angsty. A small spark of hope. I thought yeah, this could be my theme song. I can deal with this.

But the days are getting brighter and brighter, and as my mood shifts, my theme song has lifted too. Now it has jumped forth in all it’s 80’s glory, synths blazing, demanding that I accept the original version as the theme song I am meant to hear.

And so I find myself pumping this:

And dancing like an idiot (which is the only way to dance!) and finding bits and pieces of the lyrics that fit me and where I am just perfectly and letting the song power through me.

Sparks are flying.

I don’t know what’s the most embarrassing admission in this post; that I like having a ‘theme song’, that I quite liked Ally McBeal, or that my current theme song is a Bruce Springsteen song.

You’re right. It’s the Ally McBeal part.

Do you have a theme song? Please share it with me. I won’t judge.

Obviously I am in no position to do so.


11 responses to “Man, I’m Just Tired and Bored with Myself

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    • I have to say I have not listened to a great deal of the Boss’s music, but what I’ve heard is not too bad!

    • I hadn’t heard of her either Grace, she just came up when I was looking for the lyrics to this song. What a voice, huh?

    • Go for it Becky! Put all your positive songs on one playlist and hit shuffle! Or turn on the radio and see what you get! Or just have a shower and find out what song first pops into your head! I’m sure you’ll find something that *sings* to you. 🙂

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