83 Ways to be Grateful before 10am

I woke up [1] this morning in my warm bed [2], inside the house we can afford to rent [3]. My daughter [4] is awake and wants to get out and start the day. I walk [5] out into the loungeroom and sit on a comfy couch [6] and give her cuddles [7]. My son [8] wakes too and joins us on the couch, snuggling in beside me [9]. I put the TV on for entertainment [10] while I get up and go into the kitchen. I pour cereal [11] into two bowls for my children. This will be the first of three meals I can provide for them today, as well as snacks. [12] I take them their breakfast and they both say ‘Thank you,’ [13]. I return to the kitchen and turn on a tap from which flows drinkable water [14]. I fill my electric kettle and turn it on with the flick of a switch [15]. I get a clean mug [16] and make myself a coffee [17]. The central heating cuts in and out. [18].


I cup my coffee between my hands and look out the window. I can see [19] trees [20], grass [21] and a sky of the the most gorgeous blue you can imagine [22]. It may be cold, but the sun is shining [23] and in an hour or two it will be warm enough for us to go outside and enjoy some fresh air [24]. We will add extra clothing layers to keep warm [25] and soak in the sunshine [26] as we run [27] and play [28] in our backyard. [29]. If we feel like venturing beyond our gate, we will do so freely [30] and safely [31]. We will be able to stroll along paved footpaths [32] looking at flowers [33] and birds [34]. We will greet the other people [35] who are also enjoying the sunshine. We can choose [36] our own adventure. [37]. We might go for a short walk to the park [38] or we might catch a bus [38] into town, where we can enjoy bigger parks [39], the public library [40] or shopping [41]. We will buy [41] a treat to eat [42].


I receive a text message [43] on my phone [44] from my husband. [45]. He is at work [46], providing for our family [47]. He is just asking how we are. [48]. We are all well [49].



I go into our bathroom and turn on the shower [50], adjusting the water until it is as hot as I like it [51]. I wash [52], turn off the shower, and dry-off with a freshly laundered towel [53]. I put on my clothes [54] and brush my teeth [55].


I check my emails [56] on my computer [57]. I can see messages from friends [58] and family [59] on facebook, sometimes they are addressed directly to me, sometimes they are photos or general messages, but either way I get to see a little of the lives of those I love despite not living in the same city, state and sometimes country. [60]. I can choose what to read [61]. I might read a few words that inspire me [62] or seek to be informed by the news [63]. I am connected to the world [64] in a way I could never have imagined growing up, and in a way my children will find it hard to imagine living without [65]. Later I might write something too [66], having a chance to create something and put it out into the world.


I think about the book I am reading [67], the TV series I am watching [68], the movies I plan on viewing [69], the games I’d like to play [70]. The luxury of having the space in my life to think about things that entertain me [71], the means to purchase these things [72], the time to fill with them [73]. I put on some music [74] and wonder at the perfect placement of notes [75] of the amazing accomplishments of human beings [76] and the beauty that does exist in the world. [77].


I interrupt my children who are playing together [78] with some of their way-too-many toys[79], and get them ready; hats [80], shoes [81], wide-eyed imaginations [82] and we step outside together to enjoy it. [83]


(And this is just skimming the surface… ) What are you grateful for this week?

Linking up with Maxabella Loves over at 52 weeks of Grateful, a little bit late this week.

This post was inspired by Eden’s amazing post from New York, and it seems I wasn’t the only one inspired – there is another great post from Daisy right here about first world problems, also inspired by Eden. 




14 responses to “83 Ways to be Grateful before 10am

  1. I love this such a unique grateful post! Thanks for my comment I totally get the moving in part once everything is all perfect and you can finally relax! 🙂

    • Thanks, it is unreal how much there is to be thankful for once we stop and think about it. Thanks for stopping by xx

    • I know Tat, when I really thought about it and saw all that I have (as opposed to what I don’t) I just started appreciating more and more of the things around me, and the number of wonderful things in my day-to-day life is just amazing!

  2. Oh this is great!

    How easy is it to forget how good we have it! We have water, we have books, we have tv… we have SO MUCH! Thanks for reminding me to be thankful…

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